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What is AAF?

Akamba Aid Fund is an independent charitable trust based in South Somerset. It was set up in 1999 with the aim of enabling the poorest rural communities in Eastern Kenya to have access to the essentials of life that we take for granted and have done for generations. It was registered with the Charity Commission in 2000 (No. 1083554)

Why Akamba?

Our name is taken from the Akamba tribe, which is the fifth largest of the forty two tribes in Kenya. The Akamba number around two million who inhabit mainly the Eastern Province of the country which is an extremely arid part of the world. The local people are descended from hunter pastoralists, no longer nomadic, but totally reliant on their few goats, cattle, chicken and a little land to provide for their families. Our operations are centred on the Mwingi District which is approx 240 kms. north east of Nairobi. In this region there is virtually no employment and where nearly 60% of the population lives below recognised poverty levels of $1 a day. 

What do we do?

Although initially supplying food parcels during periods of drought we are now assisting hundreds of families with affordable healthcare and education, as well as setting up community self-help groups enabling them use their own land and resources more effectively. Our trustees regularly travel to Kenya (at their own expense), living with the local communities, to discuss and monitor the various aid programmes we have developed with them, and to ensure that funds donated are used wisely. This way we make a personal link between donors and recipients.

How much does this cost?

Administration costs are kept strictly to the minimum, and usually covered by specific donations, thus we are proud to state that every penny of all donations from individuals are used in Kenya for the benefit of those in greatest need. Although only a very small charity, AAF is making a significant difference to the lives of some of the poorest people in Africa.

Email received from Sam Mutetei 14 Aug.2009

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This is to appreciate most sincerely the work done by AAF in my village in MIVUKONI LOCATION. The idea to empower the locals through supporting them to get education is sure way of reducing on the poverty in the area. Any home with children who have received university education do not suffer poverty levels as those families without.

The Health Centre support is another sure way to improve the lives of our people.

Your idea to interact with the locals and understand their challenges is the best way to resolve their problems

Your low keyed participation without getting involved with the politics of the area helps you to focus on the true problems facing our people

This is excellent performance and may our Lord who lives greatly bless all those who have in one way or another helped our people and may He continue to bless you and your families

My name is Sam Mutetei, born in Mivukoni, currently working in Nairobi and willing in a small way to partner with you in this great mission.

Iam currently/effect last March 2009 the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Mivukoni Secondary School where AAF has had great impact through support to our very needy students

Iam also a born again person who loves Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. My late father, who was a pastor was the founder of Africa Inland Church in this area and I truly would wish to continue the work he started of reaching many through the gospel and as such I support many church projects within my home areas - ref. Kalambani A.I.C and Twimyua A.I.C which are my churches since childhoo.

When you have time and during your next visit, kindly arrange to give a motivational talk to the students of Mivukoni Secondary Schol and worship with us at Kalambani A.I.C.

I will be more than willing to arrange for the 2 events if you inform me in time

God bless as you continue to bless His people in my Village.

Bwana awabariki

Sam Mutetei
Date: 14 Aug 2009

Registered Charity No. 1083554