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About Mwingi District

Mwingi is a town in the Eastern Province of Kenya approx 200kms east of Nairobi. It has an urban population of 10,138 and is capital of the Mwingi District.

The district has eight administrative divisions, two local authorities - Mwingi Town Council and Mwingi County Council - and two constituencies, Mwingi North and Mwingi South. 

North of Mwingi town, is the Mwingi National Reserve (formerly Kitui North National Reserve), which borders Meru National Park and Kora National Park. The district has a population of 303,828 (1999 census) - of these an estimated 190,000 are classified as poor.

The total land area of Mwingi District is 10,030 sq. kms. (3872 sq. m.) AAF operations are centred on the new Kyuso District which now comprises 60% of Mwingi North constituency

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