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AAF School Building

In order to bring primary school buildings up to a standard to suit modern day education and to help accommodate the increased number of children enrolled, AAF has set up a programme of building much needed extra classrooms for schools in the Mwingi District. We work with the community to build to a much higher standard, incorporating the new MOE regulations concerning pupil space and light.

The first phase of this programme was to build two classrooms at each of three schools, Kakoongo, Kasaini, and Kalambani. They were designed after consultation with staff and communities to give a much better environment for learning and to give long life with minimal maintenance.

For the building work, our construction supervisor Jacob Mulyungi employed local craftsmen who were capable of good work, and these were backed up by community voluntary unskilled labour who assisted in the excavation, brick making and transport of local materials to the site. The incentive to speedy but careful construction was eagerness by the community to complete some of the best building in the area, backed up by donations of food to the workers by AAF.

The classrooms were completed and brought into use during 2007 and had an immediate impact on the life of the school. Gone were the dusty earth floors and dark interior ~ now they had a bright, airy classroom with space to work ~ now for the first time children have a desk of their own, their own textbooks, and enough light to read them.


The head teacher at Kakoongo Primary, John Kathanzu, said of their new building “Before, the children suffered greatly from eye and chest infections due to the dusty dark interior. But now this will reduce, and I am sure it will be reflected in even better work in their lessons”.

Head teacher at Kasaini Primary, Andrew Muteti said “Pupils and staff, in fact the whole community are truly grateful to AAF organisation for assisting us with these marvellous new classrooms. We hope this is the beginning of a great collaboration”.

The reaction of the pupils can be read in the smiles and happy faces of children throughout the schools.

AAF hopes that sufficient funding will enable us to continue this building programme to the many schools in the area who have great problems. At an approx cost of only £60 per pupil place, we consider it money very well spent, and the buildings will provide a good learning place for many children in future years.

Registered Charity No. 1083554