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Akamba Health Centre

Tei Wa Yesu known locally as Gai Clinic has now grown to become the Akamba Health Centre. It is the largest health facility in the area catering as it does for more than 25,000 of the local inhabitants. It is supported by a restricted fund within AAF which was set up by one of our trustees Dr. James Buckle, who gives regular talks and presentations to various clubs and organisations to raise funds. Dr. Buckle travels to Kenya every year to work at the clinic and is often accompanied by other UK health workers who spend their "holiday" giving of their expertise for the benefit of the patients. On each trip AAF purchases about £3,000 worth of drugs and other supplies from Nairobi, and hiring the necessary vehicles and drivers, transports the consignment safely to Gai. These supplies are planned with the clinic staff to replenish the pharmacy shelves for both the routine clinical needs and also to respond to any new particular health needs.


Dr Buckle's connection with Gai Clinic dates from 2002 when he and Dr.Rosie Crane, then a medical student paid a first visit to Rural Kenya and saw at first hand the need for medical and administrative help at the facility. They both joined AAF to raise funds and work toward improving the health of the Akamba people, and now have become trustees


Dr James Buckle (AAF Trustee)        



Malaria Prevention

90% of malaria deaths occurs in Sub-Saharan Africa and a child in Africa still dies every minute from malaria.

Malaria is still very common in the Akamba region however Akamba Aid Fund working with the company Vestergaard are supplying PermaNet 3.0 mosquito nets and education in their use and the prevention of malaria to families in the local area. We are making a difference with numbers attending the clinic with malaria on a steady decline.

For less than £5 a family can be protected from malaria using a PermNet 3.0.


Registered Charity No. 1083554