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History of Akamba Aid Fund

The Akamba Aid Fund (AAF) was founded in 2000 by the late Denis Cannon, whose first visit to Kenya was in April 1999. He travelled with the late Bryan Cooper, who, with his Charity, Wishing for a Well, had been carrying out many water projects in North East Kenya since 1986. Denis was so overwhelmed by the need of the Akamba people living in this part of Africa that he felt compelled to try and help. With the support of Mr Cooper, Denis decided to set up a new registered charity: the Akamba Aid Fund. The name is taken from the Akamba tribe, the fifth largest of the forty-two tribes in Kenya. The Akamba people number around two million and inhabit mainly the Eastern Province of the country.

Since those early days, and with the help of others, his dedication has guided the Akamba Aid Fund to become a strong force of good in this extremely poor part of the world. Since his sad death in December 2018, his legacy is something to be truly proud of.

The construction of dams and wells have provided clean water and led to the reduction of disease; new classrooms and school buildings have provided access to education and the wider world; Health Centres have provided access to health care, reducing mortality and morbidity.

AAF work with other charities to support the people of the Akamba region: Prodigal Bikes have provided bicycles; Motivation has provided wheelchairs to those in need at Ngaiee Special School; Ruby Cup are enabling young women to stay in school with the provision of menstrual cups.

With your help, we can continue our work to support the Akamba people.