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Akamba Aid Fund needs your support to continue their work in North East Kenya. We are so grateful to our regular donors and those who support us by organising their own events and fund raise on our behalf. Just £5.00 can provide a family with a mosquito net or £40 can pay for a cataract operation. If you would like to support our charity please get in touch now. Together we can make a real difference.

In Kenya, people hold “Harambees” as a fund raiser. Why not hold your own with a coffee morning or jumble sale?

Sponsored events such as walks, bake-offs or non-uniform days are a good way of raising money.

Ask us to come and talk at your event and hear about our charity for yourself.

We have been kindly supported by many birthdays, through donations as presents and from donations in lieu of a party.

You may feel you would like to leave a legacy and leave a gift to the charity in your will If you would like any more information or have any other fundraising ideas, please get in contact.