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Every African child deserves an education

Education for children in remote and rural communities is hampered by many inequalities, including poverty, cultural attitudes and discrimination.

It is estimated that 31% of children in Kenya are out of school, the majority of whom are girls (UNESCO, 2018).Children often walk in excess of 5km to school.

Kenya is striving to offer free education for all primary (6-12 years) and a subsidised system for secondary (12-18) students.

Many children are older than their intended class group due to non-attendance associated with poverty, limiting their progress and causing many to drop out of education without vital basic skills.

Government education funding is limited to training and salaries of teachers along with some textbooks.

Buildings and equipment must be provided by parents and the community.

Tuition fees, cost of textbooks, uniforms, transportation and other expenses create huge difficulties for families living below the poverty line.

We are constantly looking to improve the facilities in several schools by providing additional classrooms, kitchens, toilets and water tanks to collect rainwater.

With your support, the charity strives to provide children with the education they need and to overcome the barriers that stand in their way.

Educational projects currently include building a secondary school in an area called Ivonangya, which is in the extreme northwest of the Kenyan bush, where secondary school facilities are almost non-existent.

Phase one has seen the completion of toilet blocks for the students, an administration block and dining room and kitchen facilities.

The charity has set up a dedicated unit at Ngaiee Special School for the education of blind children. Without this special unit these children would not have access to education. The charity is very grateful to its donors for equipment.

Thanks to your donations, the charity has been able to supply schools and students with much-needed provisions.