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Access to clean water in Kenya

Water is essential for life. 59% of Kenyans have access to basic water services and only 29% have access to sanitary services (WHO/UNICEF 2019).

Access to clean water, proper sanitation and good washing discipline is very difficult for many in Kenya.
Women and children are compelled to walk many kilometres to dig for unclean water in the seasonal riverbeds.

Families, who live far from these sources of supply, are forced to buy water from government or private stand taps or bore holes. Sometimes this water is very salty and not fit to drink or contaminated increasing their risk of disease.

The need for women and children to collect water significantly impacts on education and household income.

Thanks to your support, the charity has been able to complete 36 earth catchment dams; dug 17 wells and create our first rainwater harvesting system for one remote school.

These have enabled communities to have access to clean water closer to home, reducing their need to travel long distances and reducing their risk of disease.

The charity is continuing to develop the facilities available to students at its Special Needs school in the Ngaaie area. It has recently installed a rainwater harvesting system and shower block with separate facilities.

The showers have made such a big difference to the ongoing care, health and well being of the children and young people.